Letter from Heather

We have all heard, “If you have a job you love, you never have to work a day in your life”.  For me, this could not be more TRUE (no pun intended, well, maybe)!  It is this philosophy that first led me to seek a career in interior design; and in June of 2007, the desire to expand that passion into creating an enduring and meaningful impression in the lives of other’s pushed me to start my own company.  The balance of a variety of unique projects satisfies my desire and companies’ founding principle to making a lasting impact in the lives of others. 

Our multi-family projects present an opportunity to be a vital part of a team contributing to the establishment of a thriving community.  The satisfaction of seeing neighborhoods come full circle into flourishing environments that promote commerce and sense of community is one of the most rewarding aspects of our job.  Thru this we are able to touch the lives of many and leave a strong platform for the community to build upon.

A thoughtfully designed and pleasing environment not only enhances the enjoyment of those who visit and interact with the space but also fosters higher productivity and creates a lasting impression in visitor’s minds.  It provides guests and employees the pride and confidence in the product/services while delivering and strengthening the companies’ philosophies, message, and branding. 

We pride ourselves in and have built a reputation around creating unique/memorable spaces for our clients that help set them apart in the market.  We take a very progressive approach by creating innovative spaces that surpass expectations and create a buzz in the community.  Although we are proud of our awards and recognition in the industry; our greatest accolades come from the elation of our clients, referrals, and the long-term relationships we have established over the years.

Heather Brown