Letter from Noelle

Interior design for me is the perfect marriage of the creative abandon that stems from my visual art education and the detailed reality of project management honed during my technical training that feeds my type A personality while channeling my passion for all things inspired.

As lead project manager at True Interiors it is my job to get visions on paper efficiently through all the design stages and manifested into a finished space that supports and optimizes the daily lives of our clients while supporting their long term goals with thoughtfulness and style.

We consider things like productivity, marketability, visibility, and branding to ensure our clients have a space that is highly functional, but also profitable. We are an especially active part of the construction management process working diligently as a team with contractors to ensure the meticulous details of the build are executed accurately and timely.

“Nothing shines as brightly as work created with pride and passion”. The team at True Interiors is VERY shiny!

Noelle Mercado