True Interiors has elevated the design criteria for our projects. Heather’s team is creative and attentive to design that produces the maximum impact for the dollars. The aesthetic and function of the leasing centers they have designed has transformed not only the marketing of our properties, but has also improved our staff morale and resident satisfaction.True Interiors has gone the extra mile for us.

Angelique Goodnough, CPM®
Executive Vice President, Roscoe Properties

True Interiors has given us such a fresh perspective on what is possible with our properties that it has pushed our projects to a level far above what we could ever have envisioned on our own.  True Interiors is a professional, highly motivated organization that continues to outperform . . .

Matt Campbell
Principal, Luminous Ventures

True Interiors has set a new bar for our projects and expectations. They work diligently and aggressively to meet our deadlines while creating progressive designs that are unmatched in this marketplace. Their level of vision, innovation, and creativity sets our projects apart from our competition, creates a buzz in the community, and elevates  . . .

Carrie Girgus, CPM
Managing Partner, United Apartment Group

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