Materials Selections + Construction Document Packets

Whether your next project is new construction, a rehabilitation, or a remodel, we can guide you through the process providing top notch turnkey service. Our proactive and effective communication will reduce errors, omissions, delays, and costs. We make selections and draft construction plan sets in a timely manner in order to stay ahead of project deadlines and provide detailed specifications matrixes and construction documents in a thoughtful and organized manner. Allowing us to be involved from the onset ensures your design will be well thought out and cohesive from beginning to end.

Project Management

Our project management services include the development of the plan sets/construction documents, regular site visits, addressing issues promptly as they arise to keep construction progressing, making adjustments to drawings/plan sets as many times is necessary, and assigning a project manager to each project that is readily available to take phone calls and answer emails without long response times. We find this service to be especially necessary with our firm specifically because we strive to constantly develop innovative designs that are unique in nature and stand out from customary spaces. We have built a reputation around creating unique “one of a kind” designs. As a result our designs are involved and require a high level of service to ensure every last detail is carried out seamlessly.

Exterior Paint Selection Package

If you are looking to increase curb appeal, update the tone of your property, or are ready for a new look, nothing makes a bigger statement than a fresh and thoughtful color scheme. We make an initial site visit to gather the necessary information, listen to the overall objectives, and take photographic inventory of materials and layout of property/surfaces. We utilize color rendered exterior elevations to visually communicate the overall proposed scheme to ensure we are headed in the desired direction and provide detailed paint schedules/call outs identifying painted surfaces and colors specified making follow up site visits to ensure the agreed upon direction is achieved.

Model Merchandising

Our models are designed to act as a silent sales person for your product and speak to your target market by highlighting the best features of a floor plan, increase visual square footage, promote a lifestyle, and create unforgettable focal features that will set a standard in your clients minds that all others will be compared to. We recognize that a well-furnished and strategically merchandised model is one of the best sales tools a property can possess. Selections are made that are relatable to your clientele and will allow them to identify with space.

Leasing and Amenity Center Designs

We recognize that a leasing center is of paramount importance to your property. We pride ourselves in the development of innovative top notch designs that highlight the best features of your property, increase the productivity of employees, appeal to your target audience, and enhance the pride, overall enjoyment, and aesthetic appeal of the spaces for all who experience them. With each project we strive for show stopping, eye catching, high impact designs that have mass appeal and will create a buzz that drives traffic to their property, in a positive way. We gather information about the ideal/target market and gear our designs specifically and strategically towards that demographic.


Our services are geared towards maximizing the impact in your space, not your budget. We provide simple and concise itemized budget proposals to keep you informed and updated throughout the process as to the cost of materials, goods, and services. If you have a predetermined budget for your project, please share it with us so we can prioritize material specifications, specialized details, and furnishings selections to be reflective of the overall goals and objectives for the project.

Space Planning

We conduct a detailed interview to help determine the best use of space and offer space planning services to maximize the use of space, recapture underutilized square footage, enhance flow and relationships between adjoining spaces and ensure appropriate scale for new furnishings or integrated existing elements.


Our team utilizes its strong industry knowledge and experience to guide us to make appropriate selections for each individual space and its intended use/purpose.
Finishes + Materials

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  • Cabinetry + Built-Ins
  • Artwork + Accessories
  • Integrated + Decorative Lighting
  • Faux Finishes
  • Furniture
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